Current Customers


**Important Notice**

As you all are probably aware of, there have been many burglaries in Fairfield county. Many of these burglaries are taking place on the second floor of homes, where intruders are cutting through the side of the house or the roof and they are even cutting through door panels. These intruders are very desperate and will do anything. We are strongly urging our customers to put their alarm systems on to protect their homes from any intruders.

American Alarm has put together some tips on preventing burglaries:

1. Consider buying motion sensor lights for outside and leaving lights on inside when your not home (maybe use a timer).

2. Do not leave any ladders,tools or anything a burglar can use to enter your home accessible.

3. Make sure all valuables are put away in a safe place where only you can find it. Be sure to take pictures of your valuables, in the event that they are stolen you will need this for your insurance company.

4. Keep your alarm on whenever you leave your house. You can also have the system on when you are home.

5. Do not leave spare keys in obvious locations like under the mat.

**American Alarm also offers a cellular backup. In the event an intruder cuts your phone line the cell can still send signals. Please call the office for pricing.

**Due to the recent power outages customers have been using generators. Please make sure you have carbon monoxide sensors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Please note: All carbon monoxide sensors must be replace every 5 years.

As a customer of American Alarm, you have the capacity to log in to view your account.  You can view history, calling lists, zones, general information, passcodes, etc.

You can access your account by visiting our Customer Log-In Page.

Please make sure you register your alarm with your town and that all your information on your account is accurate.
You can simply go on the towns website and get the form or call them.