Commercial Fire Alarms

We use the most advanced and most accepted Fire Alarm systems approved by Fire Marshalls.  We also install fire systems to NFPA 72 certification and do all paperwork for our customers along with the yearly inspections.

We use the Fire Lite Addressable system.  All systems are installed to NFPA 72 specifications.  These systems are addressable for low service and to make sure each device has an address to pinpoint the detection of fire.

We use addressable pull stations that are addressed to a certain number and location for pinpoint accuracy.

We use addressable MFF points for water flow, water tamper switches, dry/wet water pressure systems, Ansul Systems and other fire suppression products such as beam detectors, pump houses, door releases and power shut downs.

For Fire Lite Egress we install system sensor horn/strobe and strobe only units.  These systems can be set to silence only so that a premise may be evacuated while strobes continue to flash until the fire department has inspected the premises and deem it safe.

We also tie into elevator controls to make sure that patrons have the proper and safest exits available to them.